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Aikido - The way or path of spirit and harmony

Hanmi - The relaxed triangular stance of Aikido, stable yet flexible enough to move quickly in any direction

Hara - The lower abdomen, the center of life energy, physical and spiritual, often used as a synonym for "guts", courage

Irimi - Moving into an through the line of attack with no thought of escape, technique of entering and choosing death

Kaiten - To revolve or rotate

Kiai - Shoulder

Kokyu - Power of breath and life force: the coordination of ki flowing and breathing

Maai - The distance of time and space between Uke and Nage: the movement of mind. The stream of spirit and the direction in which the mind and spirit move, along with the physical distance determines the balance and proper use of space.

Mushin - No mine, a mine without ego. A mine like a mirror which reflects and does not judge

Nage - To throw, the person who throws

Omote - To the front, across the front

Randori - Freestyle against multiple attack

Rei - To bow, salutation

Ryote - Both hands

Seiza - Formal sitting position. The only proper way to sit on the mat.

Tenkan - Turning to dissipate force.

Ichi (ee-chee) - One

Ni (nee) - Two

San (sahn) - Three

Shi (shee) - Four

Go (go) - Five

Roku (row-koo) - Six

Shichi (shee-chee) - Seven

Hachi (hah-chee) - Eight

Ku (cue) - Nine

Ju (joo) - Ten

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