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Officer Street Survival Level 1

This is for the liability conscious police officer that wants to excel at their job and obtain maximum efficiency with minimum effort and safely go home at night.

The officer 8-hour program will consist of the following scenarios:

  •      Knives: Disarmaments, hostage situations, retaining the weapon

  •      Car Extractions: Using, head, arm and leg techniques and backseat conflicts

  •      Gun: Retention of weapon, close quarter disarming, and hostage situations

  •      Ascensions: Get on your feet from your back, side, or face down

  •      Cuffing: Single and two men

  •      Grappling: While weapons in view
This program can be divided into two 4-hour sessions.

Atemi Ryu ju-jitsu offers this program based upon years of experience in training the U.S. Special Forces in Ft. Bragg N.C., Miami Beach Police Athletic League, and other law enforcement agencies in South Florida. References are available upon request.

If you require any further information please contact Dr. Philip Chenique, MSD, creator and founder of Atemi-Ryu Ju-jitsu and Chendokan Aikido.



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