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Training With Injuries or Illnesses

Should you have any doubt as to your ability to train due to any physical condition, consult with your physician and with your sensei before practicing. Do not train when ill; although you are encouraged to watch class since this too is a way of learning. Should you become sick, notify your sensei of your illness.

Aikido students often will train before an injury is fully healed because they are eager to return to the dojo. While this spirit is commendable, it is actually detrimental to the training. Your body is your toll in Aikido training; if you abuse the tool, the training cannot continue. Be sure to train hard and often but more importantly train intelligently. Know your limitations and allow your body to adapt and recover.

Should you find yourself absent from the dojo due to illness or injury, ask your sensei what you can do to continue your training while gone. The stretching exercises, Aiki-taiso, internal training methods, kogeki, weapons training and other subjects may still be suitable for you depending on your condition. If not, treat your injury or illness itself as training; with an indomitable spirit, every act or situation in our lives can become a productive practice of Aikido.

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