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  •  Respect in the dojo, its instructors and your fellow students; they make your training  possible.
  •  When entering the dojo, remove your shoes and leave them neatly on the side of  the mat.
  •  If a class is in session, move and talk quietly so as not to disturb it.
  •  Bow when entering and leaving the training area.
  •  Volunteer your services to keep the dojo clean. If you see something that needs  cleaning,  simply do it. If you cannot, tell someone who can.
  •  Do not eat, drink or chew gum on the mat.
  •  Do not wait to be asked to pay your dues on time.
  •  Always remain aware of fire safety and security. Be conscious of who enters and  leaves the  dojo and for what purpose.
  •  Strive to maintain a serious yet cordial atmosphere in the dojo.
  •  If you are a spectator in the dojo, remain standing during the class opening and  closing ceremonies.
  •  Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  •  Be the first to assist your fellow students in any way during training.
  •  Consider it an honor to train with your fellow students and to take Ukemi for them.
  •  Take it upon yourself to know each student, and offer encouragement when needed.
  •  Help beginners to become familiar with the dojo.
  •  Practice always with sensitivity toward your partners capabilities and limitations, as  well as  your own.

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