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Categories of Attacks
Shomenuchi - Direct strike to forehead, punch, jab, etc.
Yokomenuchi - Circular blow to the head or neck, hook, etc
Tsuki or Munetsuki - Blow to the abdomen
Katatetori - One hand hold, same side (Gyakuhanmi)
Katatetori - One hand hold, opposite side (Ai-hanmi)
Morotetori - Two hand hold on one wrist
Ryotetori - Two hand hold on both wrists

Katatori - One hand hold on shoulder or lapel

Ryokatatori - Both shoulders or lapels grabbed using both hands
Ushiro Tekubitori - Both writst held from behind
Ushiro Hitori - Both elbows held from behind
Ushiro Katatori - Shoulder grabbed from behind
Ushiro kubishime - Choke hold from behind
Ushiro Tori - High arm hold from behind
Ushiro Tori - Low arm hold from behind

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